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Elcan Industries
Elcan Industries
Russ Grotto
Operations Manager
Since our inception in 1993, Elcan has sold only the most advanced and latest sieving technologies. We have broken down barriers in the sieving industry and achieve cuts on a daily basis, that other companies could not. In addition, we are users of the same equipment we sell. At our toll sieving facility, we run millions of pounds of products every year on the same equipment we offer for sale. This has led to us developing methods of sieving that prevent downtime while maximizing efficiencies. It is our commitment to being at the forefront of this industry that has led us to help develop these technologies that meet the 21st Century demand for products and quality. We are a solutions driven company that has the technology and the know how to make separations ranging from 10mm down to 10 microns.

Elcan Industries’ Hi-Sifter sieving machine is the latest breakthrough in advanced screening technology. The machine excels in the pharmaceutical, food, and additive manufacturing (3-D printing) industries. The entire body and all product contact areas of the machine are polished stainless steel and allow for zero contamination. The high volume of energy being transferred to the screen allows for hard to screen metal alloys to flow seamlessly through the screen. The machine has a strong vertical vibration that allows for high rates of efficiencies and throughputs without any blinding. The removal of any potential for contamination within the machine, explosion proof designs and high energy make the machine the precise fit for companies looking to add screening machinery to their manufacturing plants.

Elcan also now offers the Elbow Jet Air Classifier, which is the first ever multiple stage air classifier allowing for up to 3 cuts at once. It uses air flow and particle density to make extremely precise and fine cuts. Additionally, there are no rotating parts which make it ideal for both the Aerospace and Biomedical Industries.

In an effort to provide a comprehensive solution to your screening needs, Elcan also offer full-scale testing and toll manufacturing. This 20,000 sq. ft facility, complete with 9 production bays, allows customers to run large scale trials on the equipment before making any capital decisions. Call today to find out what makes us the experts in difficult to screen product! (914)-381-7500

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