Gerber Wood Products

Gerber Wood Products
Gerber Wood Products
Steve Gerber
General Manager
For over 110 years and now into the third generation, the Gerber family has been manufacturing and distributing quality wood products – both domestically and globally. With over 50,000 square feet of facility, Gerber Wood has the capacity and cutting edge tooling to serve your business needs.

Gerber Wood Products joined the Cluster because we would like to learn from others and share new ideas that may help propel 3D additive manufacturing forward. We also hope to find realistic ways to market and sell these services and resulting products stemming from this technology. The forest products industry as a whole is not very advanced technologically, and is not a growing industry. We are looking for new revenue streams and ways to enhance our woodworking business. We feel 3D additive manufacturing is just in its infancy and machines making machines, artificial intelligence and other highly automated processes may be worth learning more about. We are open to diversifying and adapting to stay viable and grow as a business.

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Additive Manufacturing Cluster of Ohio
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Erica Fitzpatrick, Team NEO
Program Manager, Industry and Innovation
Phone: (216) 363-5412