M. Holland

M. Holland
M. Holland
Haleyanne Freedman
Global 3D Printing Engineering Specialist
M. Holland is a family-owned and operated company and is one of the largest plastic resin distributors in North America with more than 65 years of experience.

At M. Holland, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. In the spirit of continuously improving our offering, we are excited to provide materials that support the evolution of 3D printing as a manufacturing tool.

No longer the domain of modelers and hobbyists, 3D printing now offers cost-effective and innovative ways for manufacturers to rapidly prototype and create end-use products at lower cost.

We believe that as 3D printing technology matures, the category will continue its expansion into multiple industries and applications, revolutionizing how products are brought to market. That’s why we’re continuing to invest in top-quality materials and application development expertise that can maximize its potential for our clients.

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