Stéphanie Seghers
Business development manager
We are a B2B software company, with 6 years of experience bringing mass individualization solutions to the market. BMW for example, uses our proprietary Twikbot Cloud Engine including in-house 3D kernel, to offer mass customizable parts to the end-customer.

Twikit is now bringing a new Made-to-Fit solution to the Orthotic and Prosthetic market, which is the reason why we joined the Ohio AM Cluster. Our TwikFit solution is built around a Design Automation Algorithm, which allows creating made-to-fit devices at scale from 3D scan to 3D print. We are new to the US, and looking to grow our presence within the hospital system in Ohio, and we believe we can bring lots of value to the medical industry with providing a connection to AM and enabling specific individualizations at scale.

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Additive Manufacturing Cluster of Ohio
Team NEO
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Erica Fitzpatrick, Team NEO
Program Manager, Industry and Innovation
Phone: (216) 363-5412