What is the Additive Manufacturing Cluster of Ohio?

The Additive Manufacturing Cluster or Ohio is a membership-based organization dedicated to helping companies in Ohio accelerate the use and adoption of 3D printing technologies.

The cluster began in 2016 as a study in partnership with the Youngstown Business Incubator, Team NEO, MAGNET, America Makes, and the Fund for Our Economic Future. The roadmap identified the current demand for 3D printing, opportunities to accelerate growth and adoption, and the supply chain assets uniquely positioned to give Northeast Ohio a competitive advantage for business attraction. The roadmap concluded that Northeast Ohio has many supply chain strengths and is positioned well to help its strong manufacturing base adopt the use of 3D printing to gain a competitive edge in the market place.

The roadmap brought forth several strategic initiatives for the region and advised the formation of an innovation cluster. An innovation cluster is essential for developing competitiveness for a region globally, commercializing new technologies, developing supply chain collaborations, launching new entrepreneurial ventures, attracting capital and research dollars among several other economic benefits.

The cluster is sustained by its membership base and industry participantion and is actively working on the following goals:

Cluster Goals

Goal 1. Form a regional innovation cluster that relies heavily on focused engagement with America Makes and that establishes northeast Ohio as the nexus of AM in the Midwest.

2017 Outcomes: Established the foundation of a cluster by attracting 65+ companies and institutions to cluster meetings and events. Rolled out a formal membership process which resulted in 37 signed membership agreements in year one. Convened industry leaders at 3 cluster meetings and 2 networking events, and attended and promoting the cluster at 12 industry conferences.

2018 Outcomes: Grew membership to a total of 57. Convened two quarterly cluster meetings and one annual conference. Promoted the cluster at 8 national conferences including RAPID and IMTS. Launched a digital marketing campaign that resulted in nearly 100 leads which generated 24 company conversations. Grew the email database to just over 1K subscribers. Gave the website a major update as it now receives 300-400 views each week. The cluster was awarded $66K from Jobs Ohio and $75K from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation to continue cluster development.

Goal 2. Drive expanded applications of AM for tooling, fixtures, and enhanced manufacturing productivity by making investments in technical support, capital equipment, workforce development, and industry-based educational programs.

2017 Outcomes: Launched an Advanced Tooling Acceleration Program that assisted 60+ companies in successfully integrating AM into their tooling processes. Chartered a tooling working group consisting of industry leaders to expand application for tooling.

2018 Outcomes: First quarter cluster meeting had 65 attendees and focused on developing applications for materials and 3D sand printing capabilities including metal sand casting, binder jetting, and tooling applications. ExOne attended as the keynote presenter. Held two manufacturers roundtable discussions in Wayne and Erie County. This opportunity allowed us to speak in front of 12+ manufacturers. Currently launching a dedicated website page to highlight the cluster members that do tooling.

Goal 3. Use formal education and workforce training initiatives to boost the adoption of AM, and place a strong emphasis on the development and retention of design and engineering talent.

2017 Outcomes: Chartered a Design for 3D Working Group to formalize efforts around teaching companies and engineers how to design in 3D for part production. Established a one-year operating plan that will be fulfilled in 2018.

2018 Outcomes: Working with the Lanterman Group to explore the potential of offering classes for DfAM.

Goal 4. Build out supply chain strengths in the key market verticals of the automotive, biomedical and aerospace industries, including an attraction strategy for key gaps in the existing supply chains.

2017 Outcomes: Convened an Additive for Aerospace industry forum which attracted 110 attendees. Completed 13 attraction calls which led to the first XJET printer being installed in America, housed at the Youngstown Business Incubator, and a formalized partnership with the Junction.

2018 Outcomes: Hosted a one-day conference on advanced materials for 3D printing attracting over 150 attendees, our largest conference to date. Many companies attended from outside the region including; Jabil, Oerlikon, Carbon, Impossible Objects, Praxair, Horiba, Xact Metal, and XJet. The day focused on material needs for the 3DP community. Previous efforts to launch a polymers and biomedical working group helped lay the groundwork for this event. The day offered attendees an opportunity to learn about advancements being made in both polymers and metals.

Attracted the Society for Automotive Engineers first 3D printing conference to Cleveland. This event attracted over 85 attendees and major OEM’s including Ford and EOS.

YBI is engaged with two AM companies from LA area who will use additive as part of their manufacturing process. While companies have not yet signed a lease for space, YBI is confident that at least one will commit before the end of the year.  YBI continues to work with companies from Israel (3 software, 2 hardware, and 1 material) and France (hardware/material). Business attraction efforts on behalf of Team NEO have resulted in 50+ company meetings.

Goal 5. Establish a framework that will foster entrepreneurship and commercialization of AM supply chain technologies, as well as the northeast Ohio “maker” community.

2017 Outcomes: Mentored 12 AM related start-ups.

2018 Outcomes: Mentored 12 AM related start-ups who have been offered industry connections and access to supply chain collaborations. The start-ups experienced success by commercializing new technologies, expanding their business and hiring employees, investing in capital equipment, or attracting venture funding.

Received a grant from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation to launch new AM related start-up companies by pairing them with orphan IP coming out of America Makes.

The success of the cluster depends on a diverse and active membership base. The cluster aims to provide value to cluster members through several key activities and by offering opportunities for networking and industry knowledge provided by world-class leaders. Become a member today! 

Complete Cluster Study Report
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A report issued by the American Jobs Project, “Ohio Jobs Project, estimates Ohio’s current market share of the 3D printer system manufacturing and 3D printing services industries at approximately 4 percent.

The report argues that, if a concerted effort were made to expand the state’s AM share to 10 percent over the next 15 years, Ohio could yield growth of over 4,400 jobs annually, with a corresponding 65,000 job-years gained over the next fifteen years. A job-year is defined as one full-time equivalent job for one year. In northeast Ohio, the large number of plastics and metals fabrication companies suggest that the best opportunity for realization of this job growth is by more of these firms adopting AM for tooling applications in the short term and part production longer term.

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